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Make Sure Nothing's Left Behind in a Patient

Mar 30,2017

In her article, "Make Sure Nothing's Left Behind in a Patient," Mary Fearon explains just how powerful proper communication can be in the OR.  In the United States each year there are approximately 4500 to 6000 cases of retained objects following surgery.  While there are many factors as to why routine counting practices may be innaccurate, many mistakes occur due to; a fear of speaking up, poor teamwork, and miscommunication. 

Our Count Boards designed for the operating room are a great visual tool to help encourage communication and prevent instances of retained surgical items.  These dry erase graphics are visually appealing and difficult to ignore.  They are meant to be bold and easily read by all members of the operating team.  When a count is recorded, it will be evident for all members of the team.  Should a discrepency occur, it is expected that the discrepency be communicated.  When conducting a count, the OR team can visually confirm the counts and verbally express their agreement with one another.  

Our Hospital Communication Boards facilitate trust and encourage teamwork within the OR, all while working to enhance patient safety.  

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