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For low light surgical environments

  • Avoid medication errors
  • Prevent needlestick injuries
  • Make counting easier
  • A low cost, disposable light
  • Cool to the touch
  • Long battery life

For Minimally Invasive Surgery and other Low Light Surgical Environments

Low light surgical environments during minimally invasive surgery ophthalmology and radiological procedures have been identied as a causative factor for medication errors and needlestick injuries. M.I.S. Sunshine is a nurse's safety task light designed to help prevent medication errors, needlestick injuries, and to provide nurse's and scrub tech's a lighted safety area or work zone.

What is Lux?

A "Lux" is a measure of light illumination.

The USP (United States Pharmacopeia) sets medication safety standards which are enforceable by the FDA. USP recommends that medication preparation and administration be done in a light level of 900-1500 Lux. The light levels in the average M.I.S., Ophthalmic, and radiological procedure rooms range between 0.01 to 20 Lux, a dangerously low level of light for proper patient and staff safety.

Also available in non-sterile bulk and kits for kit packers and OEM's. New distributors welcome and wanted, private label available.

I will allow a sales rep to contact me to confirm this order and provide pricing.


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