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PharmaTags: Anesthesia Roll Labels

What good is a medication label if you can barely see it?

Anaesthesia Roll Labels are the newest complement to the Pharmatags Medication Labeling System. Our roll labels are used in operating rooms, nursing units, and other procedural areas of hospitals and day surgery clinics.

Colors are consistent with ASTM standards for User Applied Medication Labels in Anesthesia and Critical Care. These labels are also 100% TJC compliant including the revisions to NPSG3d that were made in Feb. 2006.

  • Large Font
  • Strong Adhesive
  • ASTM Compliant
  • TJC Compliant


  • 10 Rolls Same Medication Label = $5.75/Roll or $57.50 Box
  • Mix and Match 10 Rolls = $6.25/Roll or $62.50/Box
  • Minimum Order is 1 box of 10 Rolls
  • Orders must be placed in Boxes of 10 Rolls

The newest complement to the RMAC Surgical Inc's line of PharmaTags are the Nursing Roll Labels. These are everyday labels needed in all areas of your surgical facility.

Call for QTY less then 10

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Rolllabels sideimg


Thumbnail arl 450 Cisatracurium 2 mg/ml FLUORESCENT RED ARL-450

CISAtracurium 2mg/ml Amt.__Exp.__ FLUORESCENT RED ARL-108

Thumbnail arl 503 CISAtracurium __mg/ml Amt.__ Exp.__ ARL-503

Thumbnail arl 154 Cistatracurium __mg/ml FLUORESCENT RED ARL-154

Thumbnail arl 287 Claforan __mg/ml Amt__Exp__ WHITE ARL-287

Thumbnail arl 140 Clonazepam __mg/ml ORANGE ARL-140

Thumbnail arl 207 Clonidine __mg/ml VIOLET STRIPES ARL-207

Thumbnail arl 264 Clorazepate __mg/ml ORANGE ARL-264

Cocaine____% Amt__ Exp__ GREY ARL-2002

Thumbnail arl 1010 Contramal __mg/ml ARL-1010

Contramal __mg/ml PINK ARL-237

Thumbnail arl 249 Cordarone __mg/ml WHITE ARL-249

Corotrope __mg/ml VIOLET ARL-265

Thumbnail arl 1043 Corticoid ARL-1043

Thumbnail arl 1045 Crenosin 6mg/ml ARL-1045

Thumbnail arl 504 Curare __mg/ml Amt.__ Exp.__ ARL-504

Curare __mg/ml FLUORESCENT RED ARL-155

Thumbnail arl 491 Date Opened __________ WHITE ARL-491

Thumbnail arl 520 Date Opened:__ Time__ Opened By:__ Exp:__ ARL-520

Thumbnail arl 250 Debridat __mg/ml WHITE ARL-250

I have reviewed this custom label set and it is ready for production. I will allow a sales rep to contact me to confirm this order and provide pricing.